Welcome to Voijer Birmans breeders and kittens page.
These are the cats we are currently breeding.  In the kitten section we try to show a selection of colors and ages. These kittens are from past litters.

Are you interested in an adult, retired show cat or a kitten?
Please e-mail us to see if we have kittens or adults available for placement.

At Stud
When Birman kittens are born, they are all white.  Sometimes at two days old a little color can be seen on their ears; these are usually seal point or seal lynx point kittens.  Sometimes it takes several weeks before we can tell what color they're going to be.
Because the kittens are white as little ones. I mark each cat (blue you see in picture #1) in a different spot so that I can identify individual kittens. I do this in order to record weights and other information about them. Once their points darken I can tell who is who from their markings.
9 weeks old
American Beauty and
2 week old kittens
American Beauty' s kittens
at 8 weeks
Point Colors
Blue-cream lynx
Chocolate point
Lilac lynx and
blue- cream lynx
Blue point
Chocolate tortie lynx
Red lynx
Cream lynx
Chocolate lynx
Blue lynx
Seal point
Seal tortie
Lilac point
Seal Lynx
Voijer's Double Chocolate Torte
aka Dolly
chocolate-tortie lynx point

Best Birman Kitten
at National Birman Fanciers' Show 2006
Twenty-Fourth Best Kitten in Region 1


Voijer's Cherokee Chief
aka Chief
blue lynx point

Third Best Birman Kitten at National Birman Fanciers Show 2005
T-Cin's Chiminey Cricket of Voijer
aka Cricket
seal point

Best Birman Kitten at National Birman Fanciers Show 2005
Voijer's Evening Sky
aka Evie

Best seal lynx point
National Birman Fanciers' Show 2007
Pixydust Forbidn Chocolat of Voijer
aka Fudge
chocolate point

Second best Birman kitten at National Birman Fanciers Show October 2008; he was also the best chocolate cat in the show.

Summer's last litter -  Lion, Fiesta, and Autumn

Lilac-cream lynx 
the first one we've produced in 14 years of breeding
A Rainbow Litter
it's got four different colors in it:  chocolate lynx, lilac, lilac-cream lynx and seal tortie 
GC Voijer's Harvest Festival
aka Haley
lilac point female
Kittens growing up to become part of our breeding program
(you can see how they change as they grow)
Kitten Basics

He's a seal lynx point kitten who is being shown in the kitten class.  When he's ready, he'll join our breeding program.  The first picture is of Jack at three to four weeks, the second is around eight weeks, the third is around thirteen weeks.  The last picture is when Jack was a little over four months and had started to be shown in the kitten class.
Four Months Old
It's always important to bring in outside bloodlines.  Our "new" kitten is T-Cin's Jersey Boy of Voijer.  He will soon be five months and has adapted so well to our home and cats.  I think he has "super" hearing as, no matter where he is, if I take a toy out, he knows and is right there ready to play!  It's fun showing him and watching him grow up.
T-Cin's Jersey Boy of Voijer
GC Voijer's Jack Nth Birstalk
aka Jack
seal lynx point
GC T-Cin's Jersey Boy of Voijer aka Jersey
blue point 
GC Pixydust’s Katniss of Voijer,
aka Katniss,
seal lynx point female
Pixydust’s Katniss of Voijer,
aka Katniss,
seal lynx point female

Pixydust’s Katniss of Voijer was second best kitten at the National Birman Fancier’s Show in October 2013
These two kittens came to us from our good friends Dawn and Avi.  Their mothers are litter mates but their fathers are not related.  Katniss and Kira grew up together and were shown together.  They were such fun to show:)
Birman Breeders in the U.S. name their kittens by letters of the alphabet.  We got our first Birman in 1995 and began showing in CFA.  Our first litter was born March 1, 1997, the "V" year.  The year 2013 was a "K" year.  2014 will be an "L" year.     Bleustone’s Urth Angel of Voijer and Celtic’s Tahoe of Voijer were the start of our cattery and over the years, gave us beautiful, healthy kittens.  Raising healthy, friendly babies has been a large part of our journey.

We enjoy raising and loving the kittens as they grow.  They stay with us until they are 16 weeks old. This gives the kittens time to be well socialized, develop strong immune systems and to be immunized.
GC Pixydust's Kira of Voijer
aka Kira
seal lynx point female