In the Spotlight:
Sky and her Nine Grands

In December of 2002, I got an e-mail from Karen Helmold Lane that she had two female lynx point kittens and thought I might be interested in one of them.  I had met Karen two years before and I had fallen in love with a blue lynx point kitten she was showing; I told Karen I would love to have a kitten from her.  The saying “Good things come to those who wait” is so true!  Two years later when I got the e-mail from Karen, I was just thrilled!  Karen names her lynx point kittens with the theme of Native Americans, so we had to come up with a name beginning with “Z”, since this was the year in which she was born.

Toward the end of January 2003, my husband, Mel, went to Florida to pick up Whitesox Zeneca Sky of Voijer.  Sky was truly a lovely kitten and I was thrilled to begin showing her.

Sky enjoyed being shown as a kitten and as she got a little older and bigger, she did well in the show hall.  When Sky turned eight months she became an adult in the show world and began her quest for the title of Grand Champion.  She achieved her Grand Champion title at ten months and soon after that began her career as a mom.

She attained the title of Distinguished Merit (DM) during the show year of 2006-2007.  To achieve this title, Sky needed to have five cats become either Grand Champions or Grand Premiers.  As of now Sky has had  cats do this and they are shown here.

We are very lucky to have had such a beautiful, loving cat in our breeding program.  She has given us many beautiful kittens with her calm, loving temperament.  As of this time (Jan. 2014), Sky remains a happy, healthy cat living with a wonderful woman, Connie, who takes such good care of her.  Sky is 11 years 4 months old.

I am thankful to Karen Helmold Lane for sending Sky to us. 

GC Whitesox Zeneca Sky of Voijer, DM
aka Sky
blue lynx point female
Sky as a kitten
Sky at ten months
Sky at four and a half years
Sky and Summer
Sky's Grands
GC Voijer's Dream Catcher of T-Cin
aka Dreamer
seal lynx point female

Dreamer was Sky's sixth grand
and the youngest to grand. 
She granded at eight months!
GC Voijer's Cherokee Chief
aka Chief
blue lynx point male
GC Voijer's Dakota Summer
aka Summer
blue lynx point female

She was Sky's fifth grand
and gave Sky her DM
GC Voijer's Barefoot Sioux
aka Sioux
seal lynx point female
GC Voijer's Buffalo Woman of Euphoria,
aka Buffy
seal lynx point female
GP Voijer's Brave Eagle
aka Eagle
seal lynx point male
If you are interested in a retired show/breeder cat, contact us to see if we have any cats available.
GC Voijer's Evening Sky
aka Evie
seal lynx point female
GC Voijer's Flower-Of-The-Morning
aka Morning
blue lynx point female

Morning is Sky's eighth grand!  
GC Voijer's Feather For Sky's Finale
aka Feather
seal lynx point female  
Feather is Sky's ninth and last grand.