Willow arrived from Canada at the age of three and a half months; she was sent to us from Linda Birkman of Pussetoe Birmans.  Willow was our first lynx point kitten and was shown as an "AOV" (any other variety of Birmans) in CFA.  In 2001 CFA accepted lynx point cats to be shown with all the other Birmans.  With this acceptance, Willow and her sons from her first litter started on their show careers.  Willow was a wonderful addition to our breeding program, giving us beautiful lynx point kittens and improving our cats in general.  All of her kittens were lynx point.

In the Spotlight:
Willow & her Five Boys
CH, GP, RW Pussetoe Wind In The Willo of Voijer, DM
blue-cream lynx point
When Willow was retired as a breeder, we showed her in Premiership.  She was the 16th best cat in the North Atlantic Region in Premiership for the year of 2004 - 2005.  In June of 2005, during the weekend show of the North Atlantic Region's show and awards dinner, Willow's son, Voijer's Xorcerer's Stone, granded becoming Willow's fifth grand and making her a DM, which stands for distinguished merit.  What an honor and what a great place in which to accomplish this!  Willow had produced many beautiful kittens and now she would be honored for this.

CH, GP, RW, Pussetoe Wind In The Willow of Voijer, DM passed away at the age of 17 years and 4 months toward the end of Sept. 2016. Willow was a blessing to us and will forever be part of my heart.  
GP Voijer's XXXs of Fire
red lynx point
CH, GP Voijer's Xorcerer's Stone
chocolate lynx point

GP Voijer's American Creamsicle
cream lynx point
GC, GP Voijer's American Spirit
lilac lynx point
Willow's Grands 
GP Voijer's Xamber of Secrets of Xtasy
chocolate lynx point
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Birmans get more beautiful as they age as shown by Willow at ten years old
This is Willow at 14 years 8 months. She keeps us company is our bedroom and sleeps with us at night. :)