The Birman is known as The Sacred Cat of Burma.  
It was recognized in the United States by the Cat
Fanciers Association, CFA, in 1967 and has become
a popular breed.

The Birman is affectionate, playful, and generally
outgoing.  Birman kittens and cats usually want to be
where ever their people are and expect love and
attention.  The Birman has a semi-long hair coat, 
which is a single coat (no undercoat) that tends not to

This is a pointed cat with white feet and white in the
shape of a “V” that goes up the back of their legs,
called laces. They have beautiful blue eyes.  Adult
females may weigh between 7 and 9 pounds, while 
the males may weigh between 9 and 11 pounds. 

Birman breeders in the United States use the alphabet
to name their cats.  Our first litter was born in the “V”
year, 1998.  It makes it easy to know how old a cat is
by the letter at the beginning of their name.  For
example:  GC Voijer's Flower-Of-The-Morning, call name Morning, was born in the "F" year; in 2015 she turned seven.  This year is the "M" year.  

 We enjoy raising and loving the kittens as they grow.
They stay with us until they have had their
vaccinations, between sixteen and seventeen weeks.
This gives the kittens time to be well socialized, to
develop strong immune systems and to be immunized.
Our kittens come in a rainbow of colors: seal, blue,
chocolate, and lilac in both solid points, lynx points,
and tortie points.  As of 2014 the name "lynx" has been changed to "tabby".  Raising healthy, friendly babies has
been a large, wonderful part of our journey!

At this time, we do not have an adult for adoption. We live in NJ and, when we do have cats for adoption, you need to be within driving distance, as we do not ship. 

We invite you to look at our beautiful kittens and cats.  
If you have any questions, e-mail us.


What are Birmans?
blue point, seal point and
blue lynx point
Photo by Keith Kimberlin
In September of 1999 "Pussetoe Wind in the Willo of Voijer" arrived  thanks to Linda Birkman, Pussetoe Cattery, Ontario, Canada.

Willow is a beautiful blue-cream lynx point female who was our first lynx cat.  She waltzed into our home and into our hearts.  Willow gave us  beautiful litters of kittens. 

Showing Willow and her sons as AOVs was fun but showing them in championship and premiership was truly exciting and rewarding.  The lynx (now tabby) and "other" colors were accepted by CFA for showing as of May 2001.

CH, GP, RW Pussetoe Wind In The Willo of Voijer, DM
blue-cream lynx point
GC Voijer's American Spirit
aka Spirit
lilac lynx point male
GC Whitesox Zeneca Sky of Voijer
aka Sky
blue lynx point female
GP Voijer's Xhilaration of Xtasy
aka Hilary
seal point spay
CH Voijer's WWW.Born on the 4th of July
aka Julie 
seal point female
GC Voijer's Yarry Potter
aka Harry 
seal point male
CH Voijer's Winken Blinken & Nod
 aka Winken 
seal point neuter
GP Voijer's American Creamsicle
aka Sunny
cream lynx point neuter
CH Voijer's Velvet Promise
aka Velvet
seal point spay
CH Celtic's Tahoe of Voijer
aka Tahoe
seal point neuter
CH Voijer's Xweet Cat-O-Mine
aka Xweetie
seal point female
CH Voijer's Ztars & Ztripes Furever
aka Ztar
seal lynx point spay
GP Voijer's Veni Vidi Vicci
aka Caesar
blue point neuter
GP Voijer's Xamber of Secrets of Xtasy
aka Xamber
chocolate lynx point neuter
GP Voijer's XXXs of Fire
aka Jussi 
red lynx point neuter
CH Voijer's Earth Angel
aka Angel
blue-cream lynx point

GC T-Cins Chiminey Cricket of Voijer
GC Whitesox Zeneca Sky of Voijer, DM
aka Sky
blue lynx point female 

GC, RW Voijer's Double Chocolate Torte
aka Dolly
chocolate-tortie lynx point
GC Voijer's Evening Sky
aka Evie
seal lynx point female
This is a story of how Fluff, as he's lovingly known, grew up in our house and then went to my friend Joann's to live with her and her cats. Fluff was named by Joann's niece, Nina.  Joann had told her she couldn't think of a name for him and when Nina looked at him as a young kitten, she said he's Fluffernutter!  Neither Joann nor I knew what a fluffernutter was but Nina did and his color made her think of it and that is how he became Fluffernutter.  He always enjoyed being shown from the time Fluff was four months old and made a final in his first show and then frequently until his last show at the end of April 2010.  He was shown in the kitten class until he turned eight months and then he began his journey in championship to become a Grand Champion (GC).  Once he was a GC, he took a little break from showing and was neutered.  He then started his show career in premiership and became a Grand Premier (GP).  In May 2009 the new show season began and Fluff started his quest to become a Regional Winner in Region 1, which is the northeastern part of North America .  Joann and Fluff showed through the following April of 2010.  At the end of this year of showing Fluff was not only 10th Best Cat in Premiership in Region 1, but he was the best Birman in premiership in North America .  What an exciting year Joann and Fluff had and a great show career for a cream lynx point Birman:))  Fluff was the first double grand, cream lynx point in CFA history!  Now Fluff is living a happy life basking in the sun, sleeping on beds, and playing with Joann and his cat brothers and sister. 

"Fluff" (at right) with mom Dolly and a sibling.
Best cat in show!
"Fluff" year one
Four months old
GC Voijer's Cherokee Chief
aka Chief
blue lynx point male
GP Voijer's Intermezzo 
aka Izzy
chocolate lynx neuter
GC Voijer's Festival-Of-Autumn
aka Autumn
blue cream lynx point
GC Glorious Morning
aka Glory
blue lynx point
GC Voijer's Images-Of-Morning
aka Misty
blue lynx point
GC Voijer's Flower-Of-The-Morning
aka Morning
blue lynx point 
Available for Adoption

GC Pixydust's Kira of Voijer
aka Kira
seal lynx point female
GP Voijer's Leo The Lion
GC Voijer's Harvest Festival
aka Haley
lilac point
This is Beauty, a lovely adult Birman. She needs to be an only cat with no young children. Beauty is shy, but once she gets to know you, she's a warm, loving cat. If you are interested in Beauty, email me at: